This is a participatory meditation practice of moaning in togetherness. The aim of this 20-minute textual moaning session is to connect to our emotional landscapes and give voice to the beautiful affective beasts that we are. This mediation is an improvised call & response form. In this session I will read aloud the companion text and moan along it. As you are listening to the text and my wailing call, you can respond by imitating what you have just heard or by releasing whatever moan that comes most natural to you.

For this setting it is important to find a space and moment for yourself where you can make sounds freely. If you have a candle and/or incense please light it and set an intention for yourself. The intention could be something that you would like to give voice to through the moaning or someone you would like to dedicate your wailing to. You are invited to sit in any way that is comfortable to you and you are welcome to change your position any time when it feels necessary.

Call & Response Moaning Meditation

Listen. hmmm… Listen. hmmmmm-aaarrrghhh-mmmmm Listen attentively to the moan in your breath… auuwhhuuuuuuwww Tune your focus in to the whining wail housed within your tensed meat… hmmmmmm

Now listen again. hhahuuaahuuummm How does your moaning sigh like? aaaaarrrhhhmmm aaahuuuuu Where do you feel the sigh in your body? uhuu- uhuu-ahhhhaa What sensuality are you whining from? ahhhhhhhh-ahhhuu-ahh-uhh Let your sensuality melt into space with you. uhhhh-uhhhhhhuuuuuhhhuuu

ahhhhh-uhh Listen again to the moaning sighing present within you. aahhhhh What aches to be attended to? uuuuhhhhhuuuuuaaaaaaarrrgghhh Let your aching be heard. uuuuuuuhhhhhuuhuhuuhuuuummuhu-uhu-uhuhu-uhuhuhhh

Pay attention to the stories of the whimpering in your voice. Listen carefully and attentively to these stories. uhuhuhuuuuuuuuaaaargghh-uhu-uhuhu-uhu-aarghh Listen to the nagging images, pressing underneath your skin from a desperate longing to be heard.

uhuhuuuuuuuu-uhuuuuuuaaahhh-ahhh-ahhaa uhu-uhuu What sounds of aching, nagging, sensuality, laughter, crying, singing and moaning madness are with you right now, lingering on your visceral sense of knowing, moving your heart to well up from tears you did not know you carried with you? uhhhuuuu-uhhu- uhuuuuhuhuuhhuuuarrrrghh uhhuuu-aaarrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhoooahhhuuu- hhhahh-hahhahhhaahhaauahaharghhhh-uhhuu uhhhaahhuahhhaaaaarrrrghhhhhuuu

Just listen to the details of these images. Listen to the details in the textures of the sounds you are making. oooehhhhauuuaaawwwwee-ehehh-ehhhhh-ehh ehh-ehhh- ehh-aarrrghhh

Your wailing is a radical way of revealing the mourning and the sensual loving that is deeply hidden behind the hardened crust of your censored emotionality. ahhhh-uhuuuhhuuuhhhhaaaarrrhh-auwhhh What is the political impact of this kind of moaning? Listen to the politics in your moaning. oehhhhaaarrrghhhhh uhhhuuuhh oh-ohhhaa-ohhhh

Keep on listening to the stories that emerge within your moaning, keep on listening to the textures of your sonic specificity. Keep on listening to the details of your sounding. oooww-ahhhh-ahh-ahhuuuaauuwww hmmmmm

Now gently let the moan go and feel the resonance of your sounding in your body. hhhhhhhmmmmuhuuhmmmm uhu-uhmm Bring your attention to the resonance of the sounds that you have just heard and made. Notice how the resonance filled your body up with stories, images and affects that were perhaps unattainable to you before.

Bring gratitude to the ways you were able to express your moaning. Bring gratitude to those who’ve moaned on the paths of liberation before us. We bring gratitude to the moaning that is always surrounding us, in the winds, in the cracking of a bike, in a child’s laughter, in a sore muscle, in the cracking of the spine, in a sigh of a lover, the sigh of a mother. And we bring gratitude to the ways we can listen and attune ourselves to these moans.

Raoni Muzho Saleh (1991 AFG/NL) is a choreographer/performer based in Amsterdam. Born in Afghanistan and raised in Pakistan, his work is shaped by fugitivity as a revolutionary movement. By dancing through the gender spectrum, he has generated a movement practice of becoming other, a continuous becoming of incompleteness.